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2016-02-25What baby winter skin care should pay attention to?

1、Wash with warm water
Baby face with a soft towel or gauze, preferably let cool water, the water temperature maintained at about 30 degrees, 2-3 times a day. This will not only remove dust baby skin surface, but also timely to add moisture.
2、Proper use of skin care products
After cleaning, do not immediately apply skin care products, should be over 1-2 minutes, waiting for the skin surface moisture evaporation, temperature recovery after then gently pat on the appropriate amount of skin care products, is conducive to absorption. The amount of time, such as soybeans large drop to multi-coating may give the baby's skin burden, painted less you will not achieve the role of skin care. For example, the microphone does bear lotion products are very suitable for children to use.
3、Keep the environment moist
Infant tender skin dry environment is particularly sensitive, so pay attention to properly regulate indoor humidity. You may wish to place a humidifier in the room healthy, can better tune cut indoor humidity. You can also put a pot of water in the room or place pots more green leafy plant, moisturizing good methods are simple.

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